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I looked at the apts and really was impressed by the complex. So I decided to sign the lease after being offered the "DEAL" for 1200.00 off for several months. the rent was $770.00 a month but was lowered to $665.00. After I got into the apt I found that i could only have Direct TV, Could only get DSL, and had very little phone service due to the location of the apt I chose. Now comes the tenant... Read more

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I had a balance of $11 for the water bill for this month wich i had no idea water had gone up so when i bought the money order i assumed it was for the same amount so i get home and i find a NOTICE TO LOCKOUT so i went to the office to speak to them about it I was concern and in disbelieve that they would to that to me i always pay my rent. Well i decided to look up the property management just... Read more

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In late January of 2012 a Good friend of mine and I had an apartment(both of our first) in Cedar Ridge apartments in Topeka, KS. One day when we came home from the gym and were getting ready for work someone let us know that our balcony was on fire. So the fire department shows up and puts the fire out with minimal damage(only to the balcony and about an 8-10 sq. ft. area beside it. After it is... Read more

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I will tell you this, Debra Rogers, and Casey Wright, and Michele Myers Are all Sunridge management big wigs. they have there head so far up there *** that every one is scared to stand up to them. They treat there employees like ***, it is so crazy how a company can be. Once they took over my property they said oh we will do this and that. Well guess what they don't do ***, but make the managers... Read more

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After living at Limestone Canyon Apts for 9 years I decided to move. I spent 3 months cleaning my apartment to make sure that I got my deposit back. The manager didn't walk through with me, the assistant manager did. (something I regret) As we walked through, I was told that they would charge a nominal fee for cleaning the apartment because that was "the norm". After the walk through I asked... Read more

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The maintenance staff at silverado crossing in buda Texas threatens the residents and gets off Scott free because he's old but a mother and her 5 yr old son are denied an apt transfer because it happened to be her friend that the old man threatened. Struggling to make it trying to reduce cost with cheaper apt. because her husband took off with his girlfriend. All I need is someone to understand... Add comment

My rent for January showed a credit and left my balance due to be a rather small amount. I called the office of DeSoto Ranch Apts. and the assistant manager told me TWICE that the amount due was accurate. I then got a money order for that amount...$51.75...and paid on the 3rd. I get a call on 1/24/14 saying my check was NSF...I said I didn't pay by check, and reminded him of our earlier... Read more

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07-25-13 EMPLOYEE NEGLIGENCE My name is Sandy and I am a current resident at Limestone Canyon Apartments in Austin Texas and I am very upset and disturbed that this has happened. I scheduled an on-line service request on Tuesday July 23 so that maintenance could come and fix my kitchen ceiling light on Wednesday July 24 between the hours of 8am to 10 am . I had someone wait at my apartment for... Read more

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I lived at the Northside on Travis apartment complex in Sherman, TX over 3 years ago. Upon moving out, my husband and I received an itemized statement and a portion of our $760.00 (not including the pet deposit) deposit back. Now 3 years later I am being told by a credit reporting company, that I owe Northside on Travis another 400 hundred and some dollars for carpet replacement AFTER receiving... Read more

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I would like by introducing myself. I am a professional, office manager, college educated, veteran, father and very community involved. With that being said, the reason I bring that up is due to the fact that I as a professional myself, always belive that people including those in higher positions in life, should ALWAYS treat others with ethical, moral, and professiona courtesy and respect no... Read more

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