I looked at the apts and really was impressed by the complex. So I decided to sign the lease after being offered the "DEAL" for 1200.00 off for several months.

the rent was $770.00 a month but was lowered to $665.00. After I got into the apt I found that i could only have Direct TV, Could only get DSL, and had very little phone service due to the location of the apt I chose.

Now comes the tenant upstairs, I hear everything, their conversations, the tv, the constant stomping from the tenant, showers in the middle of the night, the laundry being done, there is no sound barrier in the walls nor in the floor.I was so embarrassed when it first happened I was having dinner with friends and during dinner all we heard was the commode flushing an the shower scene! Now I want to move because I have purchase a home and I'm stuck with a lease

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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Did you check online reviews for this place, before you moved in? Did you ask questions about utilities and services before signing your lease?

Did you read your lease carefully before signing? Why did you lock yourself in a lease, when you knew you were going to buy a house?

to Anonymous Tupelo, Mississippi, United States #943912

first off I felt that the staff should have been more proficient in presenting their complex. Next for your information all of the utilities should have been part of the disclosure. Finaqlly i did not know tht I was going to buy a house until the bargain presented itself ***


You want to move because you purchased a home. But you signed a lease to pay rent for a certain number of months.

Whose fault? If you deposited money in a CD for 5% and the bank said hey!

We can borrow for 1% so now we will pay you only 1% you would not agree. How is this different?

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