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Huh, this group, is now charging us a service fee to pay them, if we pay by credit card, or draft from our bank? "We", actually have to pay them, to pay them!!!

This is just another example of corporate greed run amok..... We pay for pest control, and I have cockroaches that have been with me so long, that I am now naming them. Last night, as I was preparing dinner, a dinner of veal Oscar, with a glass of cabernet....I poured the wine, turned to fix my plate, turned around again, and "Sid the cockroach" was doing the backstroke in the wine, he died from alcohol poisoning, shortly thereafter, and about a minute after I went through the dry heaves, from the visual. So, what is pest control?

Is it to rehabilitate the multi-legged varmints, and find them a good/new home? Why are we paying the extra $5.00, if these creatures are not being controlled?? And, again, on top of that, we have to pay this group more to pay this group, ya follow me here so far? Dog shit: Our dog park is akin to a mine field of dog feces, each and every day.

Each step, brings a new adventure, of who's dog poop did I step in today? They've upped the penalty from $25.00, to $50.00, but the pet owners who feel it's their right to not pick up their pets poop, have only doubled down, and their seems to be more of their animals anus additions. And, this group is going to make me pay to pay them? Over the Holidays, trash pick up was minimal, to say the least.

We pay for trash removal, regardless of what day it is. The mountain of trash we had is/was a health hazard on many levels. The irony, is that they post signs stating the health hazards of dog *** not being picked up, and I look out over my balcony, and see Mt. Humble (Texas) trash mountain.

Of course it eventually gets picked up, but for the 2/3 days that the trash is mounting, it's obviously a health concern, especially for the children, or which their are many (here). And now, they want us to pay them to pay them???!! Speeding? Our little community has many families.

People speed through here unabated, no speed limit signs (which would do nothing) and absent of speed bumps, which would (do something). I'm surprised, that their hasn't been an injury, and worse, a fatality. Nothing is done, because at this point, no one has been killed, or maimed. When it happens (the fatality, or maiming), then all will be shocked that nothing had been done earlier to to curb the curb speeders.

And, they want to us to pay them to pay them? I don't think so......

The attached photo shows "Sid the Cockroach". as he is taking his last sip, of a very good cabernet(by the way), look at the left part of the glass

Product or Service Mentioned: Sunridge Management Group Apartment Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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