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I would like by introducing myself. I am a professional, office manager, college educated, veteran, father and very community involved.

With that being said, the reason I bring that up is due to the fact that I as a professional myself, always belive that people including those in higher positions in life, should ALWAYS treat others with ethical, moral, and professiona courtesy and respect no matter what. Not the case with SUNRIDGE MANAGEMENT GROUP based out of Dallas, Texas 75234 I recently had an issue with my complex Limestone Canyon apts in Austin Texas, where I had been a tenant for almost 2 years with no complaints or issues with my unit always very well taken care of and clean. I was late on my rent a few times due to the way I was being payed on my payroll but ALWAYS paid it including late fees without any complaints from me. I contacted one of the Assistant Vice Presidents Casey Wright to ask for moral and professional advice to assist me with an issue with my lease due to recently being layed off and not being able to pay it on time.

To my disbelief, not ONCE did I at the very LEAST get an email, text or phone call to atleast having acknowledge me as a human being. This is insult to injury.. People go thru troubles in life when they least expect it, we as human being have a moral obligation not to insult or demean them at their tiem of need. I am angry and insulted, that I with due diligence and respect reached out to this individual in a professional manner, and this individual CASEY WRIGHT received my messages, instead she chose to ignore me as a person and not even send me a meaguer email to atleast say, "no".

This person should be reprimamded or atleast be made to send an apology for being so rude and disrespectful to another citizen of the community. Mrs wright, you are not better than anybody, and now that I am in a better place financially and employment wise, i will make sure to let it be known that Sunridge Management does not care at all about their tenants or treat them with enought decensy to atleast say "hello" If there is an ethics committee she needs to be reported and written up just like everyone else who does wrong. You are in the business of attracting clients not pushing them or business away.

i will NEVER do business with this company again, and I will now in the position I am in where I have heavy interaction with business clients will let it be known how bad Sunridge Management treats their customers. Sincerely: lost revenue~~

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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31050 Denham Springs manintance is a joke.

Austin, Texas, United States #1217472

There are a lot of people going through the same situation even now... Some tenants are so fed up they started a tenant association, please consider joining and sharing your reviews there, it would be helpful for others!


Dallas, Texas, United States #900688

At this moment I am having a similar situation i always pay my rent on time for a whole year never did i ever had a problem i had a balance of $11 for the water bill for this month wich i had no idea water bill had gone up and they gave me a notice to lock me out of my apartment i just had renewed my lease i wish i would have known all of this horrible things beforehand. I try to speak to property management and was told to leave the office ...


I agree a 100 percent. I worked for this company and Tamika and Toni and was treated horribly.

Sunridge also took money out of my check for health insurance and when I called the insurance company to ask about my card they told me I was not covered. So basically sunridge pocketed my money.

I have since moved on to an amazing company. I would recommend everyone to stay away.

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